exemplary works in  film, animation, photography, illustration, drawing and installation

My main focus is on sculpture in the widest sense and animated film ranging from classic stop-motion to 3D and all the facets in between. In addition, my roots go as far as the full palette of print design. Besides that Illustration and even painting are the base for the creative process. As a result of this kind of work and process, comes a cretain level of craftsmanship, a feel for colours, a sense for materiality, sound and most importantly, an understanding of timing and spacing.


Sculpture is sensuality.


Exhibition is part of the business.


3D I learn currently.


Stop motion is were I come from.


Video is an experiment.


In photography, I like the abstract.


Serendipity is omnipresent.


Drawing is important practice.


Main focus of Martina Leitschuhs art works - photo collageOrder is the principle.


Nature is a paragon.


Main focus of Martina Leitschuhs art works - exemplary photo for a series of lost places in Leipzig


The past is an inspiration.


Main focus of Martina Leitschuhs art works - installation Dorothy Darker for group exhibition Texte werden RaumSpace is poetry.


Animation is my passion.


Film is process.