latest works and projects

See my latest work, pending colaborations or even a testrender. This is my digital sketchbook, so to speak. Here you can find all sorts of works. Although these days it is more or less 3D modeling, texturing and shading I’m interested in. Stay up to date and write me a message un der contact, if you like.


Sculpture: Objects of sensuality.

20.07.2023 Exhibition of my sculptural works at the Rundgang 2023 by Braunschweig University of Arts. Gazed ceramics, silicone pieces, felted sculptures and softer or volatile materials like incense powder and glycerin are combined to a multi sensual experience.


How to show process? – art education

20.10.2022. An art education exercise, showing how to model in 3D. The base fo the model is a painting of a fruit garland by the (presumed) artist Jacob van Walscapelle.


Textile works

2022 | Expressing Ideas often means choosing a certiain media and experimenting with different types of materials. Here you see some of my needle work.


Aquarellic drawings

2018 & 2022 | In between projects I draw or paint preferably with aquarellic colors.


Render collection

2019-2022 | When my time allows it I teach myself 3D.


Nature is tempting – photographs

28.04.2019. It’s spring again! … and nature is temting. I’m outdoors when the waether allows it – gardening, hiking and taking pictures.


Sparks – Tests for an fireworks animation


18.03.2019 I used some time to try out certain adjustments. We’ll see were it leads.


13.03.2019 Finally finished the first render. See a glimpse of what could be. I still need to figure out the right angle and setting.


09.03.2019 Experements with sparks. Testing shutterspeed and f-stop to create certain moods. It will come down to fireworks (maby as an animation) in the end.


digital sandwich – lunch box magazine

martina leitschuh communications design, 3d, cgi, cg, fresh, snack, sandwich, 3d, cgi, cg, food, yummy

17.12.20018 generating a fresh 3D snack. This work is for a small magazin published by the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig, called lunch box.


particle tests with molecular physics

05.12.2018 I had the time to review the latest works. Therefore I finally added sound.
***sound effects adapted and obtained from***


28.11.2018 An other render with molecular physics in blender.
***sound effects adapted and obtained from & soundstack at***


25.11.2018 I finally added sound to a render from a few week back.
***sound effects obtained from***


25.11.2018 More tests with molecular physics.
***sound effects obtained from***


09.10.2018 A particle simulation with blender. Molecular physics Add-on: I love it.
***sound effects obtained from***


water – a tricky material in 3D

29.09.2018 This render took me a while. The famous water glas in motion.


news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - workinprogress - materials - lighting - shading -product - water - glas - waterglas - fluid - fluidsimulation - simulation

11.09.2018 My first fluid simulation. There is still room for improvement but I know how it works now.


first steps – particles

06.09.2018 Getting dizzy with the glitter. Particle simulation with sequins.


news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - workinprogress - materials - lighting - shading -product - sequin - glitter - pink

04.09.2018 Glittery fun. 15000 Sequins on the move. I’m still on particles in Blender.


CG – modeling exercise

news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - workinprogress - materials - lighting - shading -product - beer - glas - drink - drinking - beerfoam31.08.2018 Final render. Still experimenting with particles and volumes. Cheers!


Hanover impressions – first photographs in a while

26.08.2018 find my photos now at pixabay under


CG – modeling exercise

news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - window - mood - macro - rain - drops- fog - workinprogress - materials - lighting - shading

16.08.2018 Still playing around with particles. Water on a window.


news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - flower - workinprogress - materials - lighting - shading

12.08.2018 A test render for Materials. My flower is coming alive.


Logodesign for a women gardening club

news - Martina Leitschuh - Logo - graphic - design - Beetschwestern - gardening club

01.08.2018 Logo for the «Beetschwestern», a women gardening club. This graphic was designed manly for T-shirt prints and flags.


CG – modeling exercise

news - Martina Leitschuh - Blender - Rendering - 3D - flower

16.05.2018  Screenshot: work in progress. Learning different ways of modeling in Blender, with particles, for instance.


first steps – particles and smoke simulation

11.03.2018 looks a lot like fire


08.03.2018 working on inkdrops in water: low resolution render to check the lighting


04.03.2018 Finally, you can find my work and additional gimmicks on Instagram


03.03.2018 rendering test: ink in water – looks a lot like blood


CG – modeling exercise

news - blender - 3D - cherry blossom

25.02.2018 Cherry blossom season starts soon. (Blender)


October 2017 I started to teach myself some basic 3D modeling in Blender.