professional work experiences

My professional work experiance, mainly in print design, is based on an education as a certified print assistant, a German Diploma communications design and various job experiences.

These job experiences ranging from freelance contract to advertising agency employment, in print, film and graphic. See some examples of this work below.


Layout and print production of the “quartier”, a weekly magazine insert for “Berliner Zeitung”, within the coporate design guide lines. (print run of 328.000)

Layout and print production of “m2”, a weekly magazine insert for the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” and the “Kölner Rundschau” within the coporate design guide lines. (print run of 263.035)

mutismus - magazine Layout

Layout of the “mutismus”, a magazine for people with the mutism disorder.

Book & Booklet

Katalog for the “Anadoma” filmfestival in Braunschweig.

Author and designer for “Technik des Animationsfilmes”, a book about different types of classic animation film and about the hands-on in animation.

poster for an ivent organized by the international office of Braunschweig University of Arts

Poster for a special event organized by the International Office
of Braunschweig University of Fine Art.

poster for political party in the guidelines of the official CD/CI at the time

Poster design for a political party, under use of official coporate design, including retouche and photo editing.


Here you can find my mainly freelance work for smaller organisations and companies.

Logo for the «Green Sweet Home» cleaning and household service. This cleaning service only works with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. This graphic was designed manly for T-shirt prints and designs on cars.

martina leitschuh logo beetschwestern hannover design gardening print

Logo for the «Beetschwestern», a women gardening club. This graphic was designed manly for T-shirt prints and flags.


Press Release and the website for the podcast project «GedankenResonanz».
To know more about the project and the current progess please visit


Working with sound in the form of sounddesign like creating film sounds, taping and/or using field recordings in the process, working on intro-music pieces and planning, designing and finally producing a whole podcast.

Being in student project producing a podcast and selfhosting it includes a lot of organisatory talent and concept work. Next to the whole planing process and concept decisions there is also the technical side to take care of like the whole webdesign and hosting the podcast. The more creative works were interviewing our artists and guest artists, some steps in the post production and in that frame certain works in the field of sound design.


Freelance contract work in film and animation.

Animation sequences for the documentation of the theater festival «Fast Forward”» in Braunschweig. Cinematography by artists Maria Manastery and Deborah Uhde.

Cinematography, sound design and post production for the documentation of the application video for the KUKA Innovation Award 2014. Documentation of the Intuitive Robot Control with a Projected Touch Interface Application. Sound by: «Assignment» by BoxCat Games at Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.